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We’re a design-oriented company with a strong belief in protecting and respecting the earth's natural resources through all of our business and personal choices. Our aim is to offer sustainability AND style to the eco-conscious consumer.

I’d always wanted to start an organic and sustainable fashion business, one which worked in partnership with the planet. Paying fair wages and using the earth’s natural resources without exploiting them would be key. I was really inspired by the idea of a different kind of business model, one where answering to the planet and all its inhabitants was first and foremost.

By 2005, I'd been working in the fashion industry eight years and I was finding it less and less meaningful. So, after 10 ears studying and working in New York, I packed up and moved south to Texas.

I'd always loved the quote “be the change you want to see in the world.” So when I arrived in Texas and learned that most of the organic cotton grown in this country is grown right here in Texas, it felt almost serendipitous. Like finally, here was the time and the place to do what I’d always wanted to do . . .

So Habitude was born. It’s our take on fashion in partnership with the planet. We use organic and sustainable fabrics and produce everything domestically. The line has an overall casual feel, but it can be dressed-up, too, and each piece is relatively simple but has a unique detail to make it special. Habitude—good clothes for a happy planet.

Laura Chapuis